Plumber in Minneapolis

Plumber in MinneapolisMost of the time when you need a plumber, you need that plumber’s help immediately. Plumbing issues are generally not ones to wait to resolve. So, it is important to find a local plumbing service that can respond to your need both quickly and reliably. The team at Dan’s Plumbing & Septic has many years of experience serving residents and business owners in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We can complete a wide variety of professional plumbing services and ensure that your home or business is protected from water damage or additional plumbing issues. Below is a list of some of the more common issues.

Full-Service Plumbing Company In Minneapolis & St. Paul

Full-Service Plumbing Company In Minneapolis & St. PaulWord of mouth recommendations are the highest possible praise from our clients. As a local plumbing company serving the Twin Cities area, the success of our business relies on repeat customers and customers who tell friends, neighbors and co-workers about our work. We are proud of the reputation we have built in the area as a trusted, honest and reliable plumbing company. We offer full-service plumbing services combined with fair pricing, clear communication and a commitment to customer service. We realize that a plumbing problem is never good news for a homeowner

Licensed Plumber In The Metro Area

Licensed Plumber In The Metro AreaWhen you must hire a contractor for a home improvement project, you must factor in timeliness, cost and trust. Without those three elements, you may not be satisfied with the work you hire them to do. Dan’s Plumbing & Septic is a trusted and reputable licensed plumber serving the Metro area in Minnesota. Here is what we offer that sets us apart from our local competitors:

1. Long standing commitment to customer service: We have been in business since 1962 and even as we have grown over the years, our commitment to our customers has never been compromised. We put our customers first and are always willing to answer

Bathroom Plumbing Repair And Leak Detection

Bathroom Plumbing Repair And Leak DetectionA normal bath uses more than 30 gallons of water. A 10-minute shower generally uses about 20 gallons of water and flushing the toilet uses around 20 gallons as well. Think about that…if you live in a home with several family members, water usage in one single bathroom can easily be more than 100 gallons each day. That’s a lot of water passing through your pipes each and every day. This probably does not cross your mind as you go through your busy, daily life, but if you find water on your bathroom floor from a leak or notice that you have water damage on the ceiling of a room underneath a bathroom

Plumbing For A Kitchen Remodel In The Twin Cities

Plumbing For A Kitchen Remodel In The Twin CitiesA kitchen is the heart of the home. This is the room that your family gathers in to plan your day, or just check-in. If you are beginning a kitchen remodeling project, you may be focusing on your new kitchen countertops, your backsplash, new appliances or maybe your new flooring. One thing to remember with a kitchen remodeling project is the importance of the plumbing. If the plumbing is not done correctly, your beautiful new kitchen can quickly become a disaster. The professional licensed plumbers at Dan’s Plumbing & Septic can handle the plumbing for your kitchen remodel so that you can focus on the more fun aspects of your remodeling project and be confident that the plumbing will be taken care of.

Most Common Residential Plumbing Problems

Most Common Residential Plumbing ProblemsIf you are concerned about a water issue related to your shower, tub, toilet or sink, it may be time to contact a plumber. Residential plumbing issues are not something you want to experiment with in terms of repair. You want to know that your repairs will hold, and you will not end up with water damage on your hands. The team at Dan’s Plumbing & Septic specializes in all types of general plumbing issues