What to Do if Your Drains Smell Foul

What to Do if Your Drains Smell Foul?A properly maintained residential septic tank should never smell. That means a bad odor inside the home or near the leach field is not a good sign. Smelly septic tanks are a result of the presence of gasses in the system, including hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and methane. The pH levels in these gasses are too acidic for the microorganisms in the tank to digest the organic matter, causing the tank to smell. Not only are these odors unpleasant, but a high concentration of a combination of these gasses can be explosive or even toxic. Luckily, septic tank odors may be remedied relatively easily using a few common household products.

Residential And Commercial Backflow Installation

Residential And Commercial Backflow InstallationBackflow is the unintended flow of untreated, polluted, or contaminated water in a reverse direction. There are two types of backflows: back-siphonage and back-pressure. Back-siphonage occurs when a drop in pressure happens on the upstream side of a cross-connection. Back-pressure is when the pressure downstream, towards the end user, of the service connection becomes greater than that supplied. Backflow Preventers are a special type of control valve that, when installed and maintained properly, will prevent

Kitchen And Bathroom Plumbing Services Anoka County

Kitchen And Bathroom Plumbing Services Anoka CountyWe use the plumbing system in our homes multiple times a day, especially in our kitchen and bathrooms. Every time we wash our hands, flush a toilet, cook and clean we use water. This water must travel through the pipes in our home. When our plumbing system is working well, we do not need to give it much thought, but when there is a problem, that is another story. A sudden plumbing problem can mean a leak that causes water damage to your ceiling/flooring, a flooded toilet or tub in the bathroom

Can Plumbing Vents Clog?

Can Plumbing Vents ClogYou can probably point out the HVAC vents in your home, but could you do the same with your plumbing vents? It’s okay if you can’t; they’re likely hidden in the walls, and the main stack sits on your roof. Plumbing vents ensure that you and your family don’t have to worry about toxic gas and odors backing up into your house. Most homeowners don’t even know their homes have plumbing vents, let alone how to tell when something has gone wrong with them.

Twin Cities Plumbing Services

Plumbing services can include a wide variety of repairs. The plumbing system in your home is quite extensive and a plumbing problem can mean extensive water damage that impacts flooring, sheetrock and even your home’s foundation. You may first think about your bathrooms and kitchen, but your washing machine, garbage disposal, water heater and laundry tub also uses water and can present problems. In addition, if you have a septic system, this is another area that requires routine maintenance. Dan’s Plumbing & Septic is a trusted plumbing company serving the Twin Cities area for more than fifty years. We install and repair all types of appliances including toilets

Qualified Gas Pipe Installation

Qualified Gas Pipe InstallationInstalling or upgrading to natural gas pipes and appliances in your home is an excellent way to cut energy costs and provide consistent, efficient heat. However, natural gas infrastructure can be incredibly dangerous if it is not installed or maintained correctly. Finding a qualified professional to perform gas pipe installation is critical, and homeowners should consider these tips for finding professionals for gas pipe installation. The experts at Dan’s Plumbing and Septic are proud to offer appliance and gas pipe installation for our valued clients.