Routine Plumbing Inspections In Minnesota

Routine Plumbing Inspections In MinnesotaEverything we use on a day-to-day basis is going to require some sort of routine maintenance during the life of the product. Like these everyday products, our plumbing systems should be treated no differently. In order to be proactive and possibly avoid any major, catastrophic failures of your plumbing systems, it is wise to have your system routinely inspected. Dan’s Plumbing and Septic provides routine inspections and repairs for all types of plumbing systems, both residential and commercial.

Treating Hard Water In Minnesota

Treating Hard Water In Minnesota | Experienced Plumbing ProfessionalsMinnesotans are reported to use approximately 52 gallons of water per person, per day. Nearly 80% of this water comes from public utilities, while others use private wells. It is also reported that the North Central US has some of the hardest water in all of the country, with Minneapolis ranking 3rd in the US for having the hardest water. So, what is hard water, and what can you do about it? Read on to find out…

When to Consider Replacing Plumbing Pipes

When to Consider Replacing Plumbing Pipes | The Importance Of Routine Plumbing InspectionsThink of the plumbing pipes running through your home as blood vessels and arteries. Just as the body requires the proper flow of blood throughout, to function properly, so your home needs proper inflow and outflow of water sources to function properly. There are few things that the average person can do in a home where plumbing is not involved. As the body can present hidden damages, so can your home. Pipes may be partially clogged in places that could restrict the flow of water into or out of the home. Without proper inspections, these could become larger problems.

Whirlpool Tub Installation in the Twin Cities

Experienced Bathroom Plumbing ProfessionalsInstalling a whirlpool tub can give you a spa-like environment in the comfort of your own home. It’s a dream renovation for many homeowners. There are things that need to be considered however, before making a bathtub upgrade work for you functionally and aesthetically. Even though installing a whirlpool tub might be the crowning glory of your renovation project, choosing the tub should be the last thing you do, not the first…

Kitchen And Bathroom Plumbing Services Anoka County

Kitchen And Bathroom Plumbing Services Anoka CountyWe use the plumbing system in our homes multiple times a day, especially in our kitchen and bathrooms. Every time we wash our hands, flush a toilet, cook and clean we use water. This water must travel through the pipes in our home. When our plumbing system is working well, we do not need to give it much thought, but when there is a problem, that is another story. A sudden plumbing problem can mean a leak that causes water damage to your ceiling/flooring, a flooded toilet or tub in the bathroom

Quality Plumbing Services In Anoka County

Quality Plumbing Services In Anoka CountyFinding a good plumber is not easy. Many companies cut corners, do not provide good customer service and charge too much for the services they provide. Plumbing work is difficult and can be disastrous if not completed correctly. Dan’s Plumbing & Septic understands this and has worked to establish a strong reputation in the Anoka County area for being a plumbing service you can count on. We have been providing high-quality plumbing services for more than sixty years. Repeat customers and referrals are at the heart of our success. As we have grown over the last six decades, we have remained committed to our community and always focused on our customers.