Dealing With Low Water Pressure

Dealing With Low Water PressureWe’ve all likely been there before – we turn on the faucet and the water pressure is low. Is it because someone is taking a shower? Did someone start a load of laundry? Is the dishwasher running? Has my plumbing gone bad? These might all be thoughts that went through your head at the time. While low water pressure is certainly an annoyance, it is fixable. The plumbing professionals at Dan’s Plumbing and Septic in the Twin Cities want to help.

There are several reasons why the pressure in your faucet might be low. First, it’s best to check multiple faucets. If the issue is present only at one fixture, then you have an isolated incident with one device.

Treating Hard Water In Minnesota

Treating Hard Water In Minnesota | Experienced Plumbing ProfessionalsMinnesotans are reported to use approximately 52 gallons of water per person, per day. Nearly 80% of this water comes from public utilities, while others use private wells. It is also reported that the North Central US has some of the hardest water in all of the country, with Minneapolis ranking 3rd in the US for having the hardest water. So, what is hard water, and what can you do about it? Read on to find out…

When to Consider Replacing Plumbing Pipes

When to Consider Replacing Plumbing Pipes | The Importance Of Routine Plumbing InspectionsThink of the plumbing pipes running through your home as blood vessels and arteries. Just as the body requires the proper flow of blood throughout, to function properly, so your home needs proper inflow and outflow of water sources to function properly. There are few things that the average person can do in a home where plumbing is not involved. As the body can present hidden damages, so can your home. Pipes may be partially clogged in places that could restrict the flow of water into or out of the home. Without proper inspections, these could become larger problems.

What to Do if Your Drains Smell Foul

What to Do if Your Drains Smell Foul?A properly maintained residential septic tank should never smell. That means a bad odor inside the home or near the leach field is not a good sign. Smelly septic tanks are a result of the presence of gasses in the system, including hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and methane. The pH levels in these gasses are too acidic for the microorganisms in the tank to digest the organic matter, causing the tank to smell. Not only are these odors unpleasant, but a high concentration of a combination of these gasses can be explosive or even toxic. Luckily, septic tank odors may be remedied relatively easily using a few common household products.

Residential And Commercial Backflow Installation

Residential And Commercial Backflow InstallationBackflow is the unintended flow of untreated, polluted, or contaminated water in a reverse direction. There are two types of backflows: back-siphonage and back-pressure. Back-siphonage occurs when a drop in pressure happens on the upstream side of a cross-connection. Back-pressure is when the pressure downstream, towards the end user, of the service connection becomes greater than that supplied. Backflow Preventers are a special type of control valve that, when installed and maintained properly, will prevent

Kitchen And Bathroom Plumbing Services Anoka County

Kitchen And Bathroom Plumbing Services Anoka CountyWe use the plumbing system in our homes multiple times a day, especially in our kitchen and bathrooms. Every time we wash our hands, flush a toilet, cook and clean we use water. This water must travel through the pipes in our home. When our plumbing system is working well, we do not need to give it much thought, but when there is a problem, that is another story. A sudden plumbing problem can mean a leak that causes water damage to your ceiling/flooring, a flooded toilet or tub in the bathroom