Using A Disposal With A Septic System

Using A Disposal With A Septic SystemMost people do not think about their septic system and its function when everything is working the way it should be working. There are steps that homeowners can take though that would help ensure that it lasts for years to come. One of the biggest lessons to learn is what can and cannot be put down the drains if you have a septic system. This becomes especially true if you own or are planning to purchase a disposal system to put in your kitchen sink.

Septic systems separate grease, oil, and solids

Five Tips For Caring For Your Septic System This Summer

Five Tips For Caring For Your Septic System This SummerA septic tank system is an efficient way to dispose of waste in the home. Many people expect septic tanks to effectively perform all the time, even though they are buried beneath the earth and out of sight. Several things might impair the septic tank system’s function throughout the summer. Improper usage of the septic tank system is a common cause of septic tank problems. Many people are unaware of the need for routine care and maintenance. Here are five things to think about if you want to keep your septic system in good shape in summer:

If not properly managed, a septic tank can create solid waste over time. Septic tank odor is caused by waste in the form of sludge reaching the exit and flowing into the drain field. The foul scent originating

Northern Twin Cities Septic System Company

Northern Twin Cities Septic System CompanyDan’s Plumbing & Septic provides our customers in the Twin Cities northern suburbs with a full range of septic system services, from repair and maintenance to comprehensive plumbing related services. The concept of a septic system is fairly simple in that it is designed to move waste created in the household outside the home. Most septic systems that were installed after 1974 are made from precast materials–either concrete, fiberglass, or plastic–and they share some more modern characteristics

Scheduling Regular Septic Inspections

Scheduling Regular Septic InspectionsBefore buying or renting a new home, you typically look at more than the number of rooms or the walls’ color. Your home inspection probably includes a survey of things like the HVAC, appliances, and the septic tank. Even after you move in and settle, you still need to do regular checkups for maintenance. Here is what you can expect from a septic system inspection, as well as some reasons why you should

Septic System Maintenance (Is It Important?)

Septic System MaintenanceA septic tank system is a vital component of your home. While the system often goes unnoticed, it is hard at work twenty-four hours a day treating and disposing of your household waste. As the adage “out of sight out of mind” implies, many homeowners ignore or fail to schedule regular septic system maintenance. A neglected septic system can lead to a myriad of problems such as an unpleasant sewage odor, seeping or overflowing septic tanks and leach fields in addition to backed up or overflowing toilets that could introduce toxic sewage into your home.

How Often Should A Septic System Be Pumped?

Septic System Pumping Is A MustGenerally, septic systems are not the same as the common city sewer systems familiar to people. In the city sewer system, once the unwanted waste has been flushed down a sewer drain, it is transported to a water treatment plant for treatment. Conversely, septic tanks are owned by people and are located on private land. Waste drained down a septic drain doesn’t go very far from its source. It’s being stored in an underground tank until a septic pumping firm is contacted to empty it. And so, it is the homeowners’ responsibility to schedule when to pump the tank…