Importance of Septic Care

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Plumbing & Septic Services, Septic Care, Septic Pumping

Importance of Septic CareHomes that are connected to city or municipal water and sewage have some luxuries that homes with septic systems do not. For instance, houses connected to municipal systems tend to not have to worry about using garbage disposals. However, houses that are connected to septic systems should never use garbage disposals. Garbage disposals are capable of causing significant damage to septic systems. It is possible for you to take some easy steps to ensure that your septic system remains functional, and with help from our team Dan’s Plumbing & Septic, your septic system can go for long periods of time without ever experiencing an issue.

Protect your Septic System

One of the main goals when you live in a house with a septic system is to make sure it does not clog and that pipes remain intact, and our crew can help you avoid such problems. In addition to our recommendation that you not use a garbage disposal if you have a septic system, here are some other easy steps you can take to keep your system working as it should:

Install an inexpensive, but highly effective, lint filter on your washing machine’s discharge hose. We are all familiar with the lint filter on our dryers, but fibers and other solids can detach from clothing in the washer too. The water flushed during the wash cycle enters your septic system. If it washes away lint, that lint can accumulate in your septic system, and that is a bad thing.
● Avoid doing multiple loads of laundry in one day. Doing so will ensure that you will not overtax your septic system, which is designed with a specific water limit that should not be exceeded.
Use only liquid detergents. Powdered detergents do not always dissolve thoroughly. They can even coagulate once more when flushed into the septic system from your dishwasher or washing machine. Coagulated detergents are solids, and solids can damage the internal components of a septic system.
Check your toilets and faucets for leaks. If your toilet’s flush valve does not seal properly, or if you have a faucet that drips, that water accumulates in your septic system. Not only is it bad for the environment, but it decreases the amount of waste water your septic system can process, which can lead to malfunctions and system failures.
Never flush something you would hold in your hand. Dispose of wet wipes and other solid waste in the trash, not in your septic system.

These are just a few of the easier things you can do to protect and maintain your septic system. Call us at (763) 434-6814 to schedule a time for our crew to assess your septic system.


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