Professional Septic System Assessment

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Plumbing & Septic Services, Septic Care

Professional Septic System AssessmentModern living has many conveniences, but no convenience is perfect or without limitations. Homeowners who are connected to their city or municipal sewer system may enjoy the freedom from responsibility when something goes wrong with the local sewer system. When something goes wrong with that system, it could take the local authorities longer to resolve the issue than a private service. If you have a septic system, you have the responsibility of maintenance, and when something needs attention, you can contact Dan’s Plumbing & Septic for fast resolution of the matter.

An overview of the septic system will probably result in the conclusion that it is a relatively simple system. The complex plumbing of a modern home connects to the comparably simple septic system. Within the septic system, however, there are some very complex processes that must be kept in proper balance. The contents of the septic tank is a prime example of this. Inside your septic tank are microbes and bacteria do much of the work to ensure that your septic system works properly. Proper maintenance goes a long way toward ensuring that the chemical balance remains constant, and that there is proper volume of the sludge layer on the bottom, the effluent layer in the middle, and the scum layer on top. When the balance in your septic tank is balanced, you are much less likely to experience everything from foul odors in your house to septic tank overflows.

Septic System Damage Repair in MN

Of course, even the most perfectly balanced septic tank, chemically speaking, can be damaged by construction vehicles or other accidents. It is possible for the drain field to become clogged with debris from fallen branches off nearby trees, which will cause the system to work less efficiently. If the efficiency deteriorates enough, you could experience a breakdown of your septic system.

Not many people have the knowledge or experience to identify the problem that they have discovered, and for the few people who do have adequate experience, the task is likely to be extremely unpleasant. Our technicians have the training to identify and repair the problem as well as the stamina and ability to put up with the less pleasant aspects of sewer systems.

If you have begun to notice that sinks and tubs are slow to drain or fetid odors coming up from drains, it is time to call Dan’s Plumbing & Septic to identify why. Call us at (763) 434-6814 today for assistance.


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